Private Walking Tour of the Valley of the Temples - from Agrigento



Two-hour walking tour of the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological area characterised by important Doric temples dating back to the Hellenistic period and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Acropolis at “Akragas”, the Greek name of Agrigento, was defined by the poet Pindar “the most beautiful city of mortals” for the richness of its monuments, still visible among the remains of temples and statues. With this 2-hour walk you will have the chance to visit, with our expert guide, one of the most beautiful and historic areas of Sicily. All you have to do is wearing comfortable shoes and dressing appropriately, so as to fully enjoy your tour. The tour starts at the entrance to the Valley of the Temples (transfer not included). There you will meet our tour guide that will show you the most important features of the archaeological park, giving you all the explanations you need to understand the history of the temples of Juno, the Temple of Concordia and that of Heracles. You will walk through the ruins of a majestic past, to discover what was the life of the ancient Greek colonists. You will see the remains of a Telamon, at the Olympieion, whose size will give you an idea of the grandeur of the buildings. You will admire then Theron’s tomb, a sepulchre on a square plan podium, erected in memory of the fallen of the Second Punic War, which shook the Mediterranean between 218 BC and 202 BC You will also visit the museum, with its many finds telling the history of Agrigento. When your tour is over, you will feel like you had the immense privilege of traveling through time.

 More informations
- Valley of the Temples
- Temple of Concordia
- Temple of Juno

Included in the price
- Guided walking tour of the Valley of the Temples

Not included in the price
- Entrance fee to the Valley of the Temples

Useful information
- We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for a 2-hour walking tour.
- The meeting time may vary

Start time


End Time



2 hours


English, Italian

Meeting point

Entrance to the Valley of the Temples


2 hours

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